About the Foundation

Board Members The George and Helen Segal Foundation was established to exhibit and display the works of George Segal, a world renowned sculptor and artist, and to award grants to artists in order to enable them to pursue their artistic endeavors.

The Foundation can be contacted by:

eMail: segalfoundation@comcast.net
Phone: (732) 951-0950
Fax: (732) 821-5877

To report technical difficulties with the website, please contact the web designer by e-mailing me@elizabethzilinski.com.


All copyrights of the artists' works represented on this website are licensed by VAGA. Requests for copyright permissions should be addressed to:

350 Fifth Ave, Suite 2820
New York, NY 10118
Phone: (212) 736-6666
Fax: (212) 736-6767
eMail: info@vagarights.com

We thank Donald Lokuta for his photographs of George Segal.


Individuals interested in acquiring the works of George Segal should contact:

Artist's Representative, By Appointment Only
Phone: (212) 535-1503
Fax: (212) 472-7375
eMail: janc120@aol.com

The foundation does not handle sales at this time.