Virtual Galleries

Our virtual galleries include over 600 photos of George Segal's life and work over the decades. Please click on a link below to view any of our 20 galleries featuring the work of George Segal.

Sculpture & Reliefs

George Segal is most famous for his sculptures, as he is considered the artist responsible for introducing the use of plaster bandages as a medium for sculpture. He did not use the plaster as a mold, but instead the shells cast from his models became the sculptures. As his career progressed and he gained world-wide notoriety, his sculptures evolved. Initially constructed of only the white plaster casts, he then began painting them, and later casting them in bronze.

In these galleries, we have collected an assortment of his sculptures for your viewing pleasure: "Sculpture I"; "Sculpture II"; "Sculpture III". "The Breadline" and "FDR" highlight George Segal's creative process.

We have two galleries of Segal's reliefs: "Black and White Reliefs" and "Colorful Reliefs".

Finally, we have an assortment of "Sculpture Fragments" from various decades.

Drawings, Sketches & Prints

"Drawings" and "Pen & Ink Drawings" are two galleries that contain an small assortment of the pen and pencil work George Segal did throughout his career, several of which are also captured in "Prints".

Paintings & Pastels

He began his career as a painter, using various mediums to capture the extraordinary side of ordinary things. Over the course of his lifetime, George Segal created over a thousand pieces of art. In these galleries, we divide a small assortment of his paintings and pastels into eight galleries:

"Pastels I"
"Pastels II"
"Pastels III"
"Pastels IV"
"Pastels V"
"Pastels VI"

The Studio

George Segal's studio is truly a wonderous place. People who tour it often feel they are in a museum, and George loved to give tours and to watch the expression on his visitors' faces and he guided them from one room to the next. While capturing the excitement of a Segal Studio Tour is nearly impossible to do in photographs, we hope that these galleries capture some of the wonder:

"Studio Tour: George at Work"
"Studio Tour: Drawings"
"Studio Tour: A Walk Through the Studio"


The Segal Foundation is very pleased to announce that The George Segal Papers are now preserved in the Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at the Princeton University Library. They contain more than a hundred boxes documenting the artist's creative life from the 1930's until his death.

Materials include correspondence, business files, exhibition catalogues and posters, original artwork, sketch books, photographs, and biographical information. The papers are available for research at Princeton.

For a comprehensive guide go to George Segal Papers.

Click here for information on visiting hours and access.

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Individuals interested in acquiring the works of George Segal should contact:

Carroll Janis, Artist's Representative
Phone: (212) 535-1503
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