Our artwork collection includes over 600 photos of George Segal's life and work over the decades. Please click on a link below to view George Segal's artwork.

Sculpture & Reliefs

George Segal is most famous for his sculptures, as he is considered the artist responsible for introducing the use of plaster bandages as a medium for sculpture. He did not use the plaster as a mold, but instead the shells cast from his models became the sculptures. As his career progressed and he gained world-wide notoriety, his sculptures evolved. Initially constructed of only the white plaster casts, he then began painting them, and later casting them in bronze. "Sculpture I"; "Sculpture II"; "Sculpture III". "The Breadline" and "FDR" highlight George Segal's creative process.

We have two collections of Segal's reliefs: "Black and White Reliefs" and "Painted Reliefs".

Finally, we have an assortment of "Sculpture Fragments" from various decades.

Drawings & Prints

"Drawings" and "Pen & Ink Drawings" are two collections that contain a small assortment of the pen and pencil work George Segal did throughout his career, several of which are also captured in "Prints".

Paintings & Pastels

He began his career as a painter, using various mediums to capture the extraordinary side of ordinary things. Over the course of his lifetime, George Segal created over a thousand pieces of art. Here, we divide a small assortment of his paintings and pastels into eight collections:

"Pastels I"
"Pastels II"
"Pastels III"
"Pastels IV"
"Pastels V"
"Pastels VI"

The Studio

George Segal's studio is truly a wonderous place. People who tour it often feel they are in a museum, and George loved to give tours and to watch the expression on his visitors' faces and he guided them from one room to the next. While capturing the excitement of a Segal Studio Tour is nearly impossible to do in photographs, we hope that these collections capture some of the wonder:

"Studio Tour: George at Work"
"Studio Tour: Drawings"
"Studio Tour: A Walk Through the Studio"